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Teaching Totes℠ are toy/learning activity rental boxes. This service originated in Hooksett, NH and was created by the parent company, The Teach at Home Mom, LLC which was founded by Marisa Delhay in 2017. 


The cost to rent a Teaching Tote℠ is $25. You can keep it for up to 2 weeks. Each tote revolves around a specific theme or subject area. Some examples include: “Animals”, "Fairytales", "Coding and Electronics", “Opposites”, “Colors”, “Celebrating Diversity”, “Space”, "Beginning Multiplication", and "Gross Motor". They work well as a stand alone curriculum to be used within the home for stay-at-home parents looking to engage their children in educational play OR within the framework of an existing educational environment (like a home daycare, a homeschool co-op, a scouts troop, a preschool, etc.) as a supplemental tool to enrich the curriculum.

Each Teaching Tote℠ is unique, so not every tote comes with a prescribed constellation of materials. However, examples of what you can expect to find in there are toys, games, song cards, a picture wall, books, puzzles, dress up costumes, sensory materials, crafts (with already-prepared pieces), Montessori-inspired work trays designed to develop self help and fine motor skills, and other original educational materials developed by your Teaching Tote℠ specialist! Every tote comes with a set of lesson plan cards that correspond to each material included and explain how to use each/give suggestions of how to modify it for the older or younger child.

The biggest benefit of renting a Teaching Tote℠ seems to be this: Children often tire of their own toys and books very quickly. Their parents are then stuck with a house full of things that are just collecting dust. With a Teaching Tote℠, you get access to new materials every two weeks and you get to just send it back when you are done! On the flip side of this, Teaching Totes℠ are filled with great ideas for materials you might like to buy for birthday or holiday gifts. Essentially, you can take toys, games, and books out for a test drive before buying!

Marisa Delhay created Teaching Totes℠ so parents could take the guess work out of educating their young child at home and to make toy rotation an option for more families. Not every stay-at-home parent has a background in education, but every Teaching Tote℠ specialist does! Use Teaching Totes℠ as your resource to enrich your child’s early childhood experience for a fraction of the cost of sending them to preschool!

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