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teaching totes℠: bedford, NH

Hi! I'm Alison Petrowski, your Teaching Totes℠ Bedford, NH specialist! 

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Cost per Teaching Tote℠: 
$25 for two-week tote rental
$5 extra for local delivery

Areas served:
Bedford-Hollis New Hampshire

Ready to rent your tote?
Contact Alison at missp

Please let us know which tote you are interested in renting. If it is available, it's all yours! If it is not available, you will be added to our wait list and offered alternative options to rent. Next, schedule a day and time to pick up your Teaching Tote℠. Customers located within Alison's region can also choose our convenient delivery option for a small $5 fee (see above for pricing details)!

Learn more about how Teaching Totes℠ work here.

"The best teacher in the world is somebody who loves what he or she does and loves it in front of you."
-Mr. Rogers

Hi! I'm Alison Petrowski, your Teaching Totes℠ Bedford, NH specialist! 

About Alison:

Alison "Miss P." Petrowski has been working with - or for - children in some capacity for most of her life. From creating a children's television program back in the early aughts to working as a teacher... and lots of things in between! Early childhood education, in whatever form it takes, has always been her passion.

Miss P. lives in New Hampshire with her husband, stepson, and daughter, where she runs a small in-home preschool. In her spare time (not that she has much!) she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, writing, photography, and baking. She's thrilled to be part of the Teaching Totes team!


Alison Petrowski Headshot.jpg
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