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A Teaching Tote® is a themed, play-based, rental curriculum kit initially developed by The Teach at Home Mom, LLC.


Each tote is full of materials aimed at aiding parents and caregivers in home educating toddlers through early grade schoolers. We have also had in-home daycare providers, scout troops, after school programs, and homeschool co-ops rent Teaching Totes®. They are quite versatile!

wHy should i rent a teaching tote®?


Teaching Totes® allow our customers to have access to a variety of materials without having to commit to a purchase.

These curriculum rental kits are thoughtfully prepared by an experienced educator and come with lesson plan cards that serve as a guide for how to present each material or activity to the child. Teaching Totes® take the guesswork out of providing an educational, play based, hands-on learning environment for the children in your care.

As an additional benefit, Teaching Totes® allow parents and educators to essentially test drive a toy, book, or educational material before buying. Many customers get inspiration from Teaching Totes for holiday and birthday gift ideas based on which items their child loved most from their rental!

wHat are my tote options?


Each Teaching Tote℠ specialist has a unique set of theme offerings! Some examples are:

'Transportation', 'Celebrating Diversity', 'Letters', 'Dinosaurs', 'Earth Science' and 'Colors and Shapes'! The list goes on and on!

Find a Teaching Tote specialist near you to explore tote options:


Bedford, NH

Cheyenne, WY

Collin County, TX

Concord, NH

Hooksett, NH

Liverpool, NY

Livingston County, MI

Monroe County, NY

Naperville, IL

New Lenox, IL

Oakland County, MI

Wrentham, MA

how can i rent a teaching tote℠?


Residents within 15 minutes of Bedford, NH: Visit Teaching Totes Bedford, NH for instructions


Residents in the Cheyenne, WY area: Visit Teaching Totes Cheyenne, WY for instructions

Residents within 30 minutes of Collin County, Texas: Visit Teaching Totes Collin County for instructions


Residents within 15 miles of Concord, NH: Visit Teaching Totes Concord for instructions

Residents within 10 miles of Hooksett, NH: Visit Teaching Totes Hooksett for instructions


Residents within Liverpool, NY: Visit Teaching Totes Liverpool for instructions


Residents within Livingston County, MI: Visit Teaching Totes Livingston County, MI for instructions


Residents within Monroe County, NY: Visit Teaching Totes Monroe County for instructions


Residents in the Naperville, IL area: Visit Teaching Totes Naperville, IL for instructions


Residents in the New Lenox, IL area: Visit Teaching Totes New Lenox, IL for instructions


Residents within 10 miles of Oakland County, MI: Visit Teaching Totes Oakland County for instructions

Residents within 10 miles of Wrentham, MA: Visit Teaching Totes Wrentham for instructions

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