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A Teaching Tote℠ is a themed, play-based, rental curriculum kit initially developed by The Teach at Home Mom, LLC.


Each tote is full of materials aimed at aiding stay-at home parents in home educating toddlers through early grade schoolers as an alternative (or supplement) to sending them to preschool. However, we have also had in-home daycare providers, scout troops, after school programs, and homeschool co-ops rent Teaching Totes℠. They are quite versatile!

wHy should i rent a teaching tote℠?


Teaching Totes℠ allow our customers access to a variety of materials without having to commit to a purchase.

These curriculum rental kits are thoughtfully prepared by an experienced educator and come with lesson plan cards. Teaching Totes℠ take the guesswork out of providing an educational, play based, Montessori-inspired environment for the children in your care.

As a side benefit, Teaching Totes℠ allow parents and educators to essentially test drive a toy, book, or educational material before buying. Many customers get inspiration from Teaching Totes℠ for holiday and birthday gift ideas based on which items their child loved most from their rental!

wHat are my tote options?


Each Teaching Tote℠ specialist has a unique set of theme offerings! Some examples are:

'Transportation', 'Celebrating Diversity', 'Letters', 'Dinosaurs', 'Earth Science' and 'Colors and Shapes'! 

Find a Teaching Tote specialist near you to explore tote options:


Bedford, NH

Cheyenne, WY

Collin County, TX

Concord, NH

Haverhill, MA

Hooksett, NH

Liverpool, NY

Monroe County, NY

Naperville, IL

New Lenox, IL

Oakland County, MI

Seacoast MA & NH

Wrentham, MA

how can i rent a teaching tote℠?


Residents within 15 minutes of Bedford, NH: Visit Teaching Totes Bedford, NH for instructions


Residents in the Cheyenne, WY area: Visit Teaching Totes Cheyenne, WY for instructions

Residents within 30 minutes of Collin County, Texas: Visit Teaching Totes Collin County for instructions


Residents within 15 miles of Concord, NH: Visit Teaching Totes Concord for instructions

Residents within 10 miles of Haverhill, MA: Visit Teaching Totes Haverhill for instructions


Residents within 10 miles of Hooksett, NH: Visit Teaching Totes Hooksett for instructions


Residents within Liverpool, NY: Visit Teaching Totes Liverpool for instructions


Residents within Monroe County, NY: Visit Teaching Totes Monroe County for instructions


Residents in the Naperville, IL area: Visit Teaching Totes Naperville, IL for instructions


Residents in the New Lenox, IL area: Visit Teaching Totes New Lenox, IL for instructions


Residents within 10 miles of Oakland County, MI: Visit Teaching Totes Oakland County for instructions


Residents in the Seacoast MA & NH area: Visit Teaching Totes Seacoast MA & NH for instructions

Residents within 10 miles of Wrentham, MA: Visit Teaching Totes Wrentham for instructions

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