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teaching totes℠: Monroe County, ny

Hi! I'm Jocelyn Semple, your Teaching Totes℠ Monroe County specialist!

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Cost per Teaching Tote: 

$25 for two-week tote rental(Just $5 extra to have it delivered! Additional charges apply for areas outside of Monroe County.)

Area served: Monroe County, NY

rent a teaching tote!

Ready to rent your tote?
Contact Jocelyn at

Please let us know which tote you are interested in renting. If it is available, it's all yours! If it is not available, you will be added to our wait list and offered alternative options to rent. Next, schedule a day and time to pick up your Teaching Tote℠. Customers located in Monroe County, NY can also choose our convenient delivery option for a small $5 fee!

Learn more about how Teaching Totes℠ work here.

teaching totes: Monroe County, ny

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
Fred Rogers 

Hi! I'm Jocelyn Semple, your Teaching Totes℠ Monroe County specialist! 

About Jocelyn: 
I’m a homeschooling mama of two wonderful and energetic little boys. My passion for education came after having my oldest and realizing just how much home education can positively
impact my children. 
I’m an extremely creative and driven person who strives to create fun and educational activities for not only my family but yours! Teaching Totes are the perfect way to blend my passions and gifts while reaching out to the amazing community around me.

My totes feature handmade resources as well as items from other small businesses. They have an emphasis on Montessori practices, sensory play, and natural toys to allow for your child to build essential skills through play!

Jocelyn Semple Headshot.jpg
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