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9 Springtime Parenting Hacks to Help You Make a SPLASH with Your Kids

POV: Mud season has arrived and you want to make the most of this special time of year both on the outdoor days AND the indoor days. Great news! You've come to JUST the right place! The Teaching Tote team put our heads together to come up with this list of parenting hacks to help you do just that!

Rain Suits for the Epic Win

We are big fans of the concept that there is "no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes" and while there are certainly exceptions to that rule, it sure does help encourage kids to get outside (and STAY outside happily) when they have the right gear for the occasion. There are many awesome rainsuits on the market to help you get your splash on, but the ones we happen to have and you see pictured here are Tuffo Muddy Buddies. They have lasted through multiple hand-me-downs and hundreds of puddle splashing Spring days over the years! Get a load of this puddle jumping little tadpole!

Nature Walks with a Tape Bracelet

It feels so nice to ditch the snow gear in the Springtime and just head outdoors and hike with the kids. If you've ever been on such a hike with little ones, you know they instantly become foragers and they want to collect ALL the things! Help them to hang on to all those treasures with this simple hack: Give each child a tape bracelet and if they find a nature treasure that can stick to it, they can attach it to the bracelet. If it won't stick they can leave it there to see again the next time you visit the trail!

Check out this post by Mud and Bloom (which is where we borrowed the photo from) for a how-to!

Make Granola Bars for Your Outdoor Adventures

Springtime means more time in the fresh air and with that comes more movement, bigger appetites, and of course the need to pack food that travels well! These 4 ingredient granola bars we made will give you two benefits for the price of one: an indoor activity one day (practicing kitchen skills together while making them) and a to-go snack for another day!

Declutter Together

Spring cleaning/decluttering doesn't have to be a headache! You can skip it altogether, do it a little at a time, or go ALL IN! One way to make it more fun is to make it a family activity. Teaching the kiddos the value of letting go of a few things to make space to enjoy the things we really need and love is an important habit that can be started at a young age and then built upon through out the years!

Use Up the Easter Peeps with this Fun Craft from Low Lift Fun

Not everyone loves to EAT Peeps and not everyone loves to plan intricate Easter or other holiday/seasonal crafts and activities for their kids...and that's ok! This hack from Low Lift Fun using Peeps as paint stampers will use up those pesky little bunnies and also give you and your littles a fun Spring-themed craft to do together!

Get them Giggling with These Spring Jokes

Bike/ Toy Truck Wash

Get out the soap, sponges, and a big bucket of water and get the bikes, trikes, and toy trucks all spiffed up for Spring! We do this every year and it hasn't lost its appeal yet! You could even invite your neighbors to bring their bikes and trucks by for a wash and pretend it is a real car wash!

Stay Hydrated Together by Making It FUN

As the temperatures rise, it can get harder to stay on top of hydration not just for the kids, but also for yourself! It can help bring the importance to the forefront of everyone's mind by making it fun! Here are a few hydration hacks:

  • make flavored water together by adding lemon, cucumber, or mint leaves

  • make healthy smoothie popsicles

  • freeze fruit in ice cubes to add to water

  • personalize your water bottles with fun stickers to make them more exciting to take out and about

  • set a water goal at the beginning of the day and keep each other accountable

Rent a Teaching Tote on a Rainy Day

Pictured here is Monroe County, New York Teaching Tote specialist Jocelyn Semple's "Simply Spring" tote! Each specialist has a Teaching Tote in their collection that is perfect for Springtime learning for those days when you've kinda just had it with being out in the rain or playing in the mud! Browse the site for your location and pick from themes like "Farm" (Jennifer in Naperville, IL, "Weather" (Kristina) in New Lenox, IL, and "Springtime" (Shannon in Wrentham, MA).

Teaching Totes take the guesswork, prep time, and expense out of providing a play-based learning environment at home and give you access to a fresh rotation of toys and activities every few weeks!

Happy Spring! Let us know what YOUR ultimate Springtime parenting hack is in the comments!

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