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Thanksgiving Lessons for Little Kids

Brought to you by: The Teaching Tote Team


1) Read the book Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes and then make turkey hats. Here's a fun step-by-step turkey hat project to try. Ask the child to share things they are thankful for and write each one on a feather! Our Seacoast, MA & NH specialist, Ali does this with her preschool class each year and the kids love it! You could modify this for older children by inviting them to write on the feathers independently. Gobble, gobble for gratitude!


2) Make a cheesy tortilla turkey! Check out this Instagram post from our Oakland County, Michigan specialist Kelly for the how-to, but before you do, go grab your grocery list and add:

- cucumber

- apple

- cheese

- tortillas

- cheerios

- chocolate chips

And remember, cooking with kids is a great way to practice many practical life and fine motor skills not to mention the invaluable quality time you'll spend connecting and learning together!


3) Create a sensory play tray like this one by our New Lenox, Illinois specialist Kristina to bring the book Keepunumuk by Danielle Greendeer, Anthony Perry, and Alexis Bunten to life! As Kristina writes in her Instagram post about this book and play set up, "I’m sure we’ve all learned versions of how Thanksgiving came to be, but this book tells the real story from a Native perspective. In fact, it’s not even called Thanksgiving but rather Keepunumuk - the time of harvest. The story shares the story of the sacred relationship between Weeachumun and human beings. Tisquantum showed the “newcomers” how to harvest crops and they in turn prepared a feast to celebrate their new home." She used her blocks from Applewood Toys and her sensory filler from Jack and Link Toys to create this sensory tray.

Be sure to ask Kristina about her Thanksgiving Teaching Tote if you live near her!


4) Play Pie Face by Hasbro! This is a fun and silly way to connect with friends and family as we usher in the Holiday season, a time when it is especially meaningful to enjoy time with those we love. If you don't have Pie Face and you live near our Wrentham, MA specialist Shannon you can rent her Thanksgiving Teaching Tote which will also give you access to all the other engaging activities pictured above!


5) Make a clothespin turkey! Marisa (our Hooksett, NH Teaching Tote lady) had fun collecting leaves with her sons to create these clothespin turkeys! Here's all you need:

- brown paint

- googley eyes

- clothespins

- red and orange markers

- glue

- leaves

- brown construction paper circle

Step 1: Go on a leaf hunt!

Step 2: Paint the clothespin brown (or skip this part if the wood is already brown enough!) Step 3: Glue the eyes to the brown construction paper circle.

Step 4: Draw the beak and wattle.

Step 5: Glue head to the top of the clothespin.

Step 6: Pinch the leaf into the top of the clothespin.

Step 6 Display it somewhere fun and then go make 100 more of them because they are so easy, quick, and fun to make!

Looking for more fun ways to play and learn about Thanksgiving? Live near Hooksett, NH? Ask Marisa about her Thanksgiving Teaching Tote!


We hope we got your gears turning for Thanksgiving activity ideas for you to enjoy with your kiddos! Stay tuned for more fun lesson ideas like this next month!

Love, The Teaching Tote Team

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Nov 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We love those books too! Thanks for the great ideas, Teaching Tote team!

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