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Toy Rotation Appreciation!

So, I am 18 months into having a daughter and I have been welcoming it with open arms because her interests are so much different than what I’ve been used to with my son. I know A LOT about modes of transportation, Transformers and Beyblades, but this little lady is all about flowers right now and I LOVE IT!

The little lady and I were flying solo one rainy April afternoon. My Spring Tote had arrived back earlier in the week, and I had thoroughly cleaned it. I decided that this was the perfect day to break out a “new” toy because let’s be fair, she was in my Tupperware cabinet causing mischief and it was driving me bananas.

I’m getting used to the idea of toy rotation and how to cycle toys to keep things fresh and exciting for my kids. Wish I had known about this concept when my son was little. For me, I just had all the toys out all the time and it just left my son feeling overwhelmed and my house a mess. I’ve been trying to implement some of these strategies with baby #2. This is just one of the MANY reasons why Teaching Tote rentals are a great resource for families!

Families get the benefit of the toy rotation, with zero prep and no need to store it all.

So, on this fine day, I reached for the Spring Tote and its many play-based activities within. I decided on breaking out these plastic flower garden-building pieces. Though I’m unsure of which brand I have, you can see a similar toy here.

I placed the pieces out, set up the base for her and she began placing the flowers and stems in the holes as she should. I had this moment while watching her play that opened up this sea of ideas. Though she is still young, I can see how this toy will stick around in my toy rotation for a while as she ages because it has a multitude of uses!

+ Color recognition: First naming the colors you see with your child and then building up their vocabulary of saying it themselves and recognizing it when you ask.

+ Sorting: Having your child sort the flowers by color & size!

+ Counting: After sorting, practice counting how many of each that there are. Which has the most? Which has the least?

+ Patterns: Practice patterns of colors with your child by building the flowers up tall!

+ Fine Motor Skills & hand-eye coordination: This activity is great for your child to practice stacking and getting small parts to stay together.

+ Science: Identifying parts of a plant (stem, leaf, flower).

These types of toys are my absolute favorite because:

+ There isn’t just one way to play with it! Open ended toys are my favorite!

+ It opens up a lot of math, science & language skills.

+ It’s easy to set up, no instructions included!

+ No batteries, no loud noises!

+ These toys are easy to clean after using!

Do you rotate toys at your house?

  • Absolutely!

  • Not yet!

Similar toys & ideas like these can be found in all Teaching Totes. Every specialist includes a lesson plan to follow along with. Let us help with your toy rotation and spring activities!

Check out your local specialist’s collection and reach out to begin renting!

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Apr 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Toy rotation is life!!!

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