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Easy Snowman Painting

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Setting up an invitation to create a simple art project with materials you already have at home is a great way to bust boredom, especially during the long winter months!

Follow these easy steps to set up this snowman painting tray:

  1. Use scissors to make 1 inch cuts all along the bottom of a toilet paper roll.

  2. Spread out the strips you've created.

  3. Provide a piece of paper in whatever color (other than white) you happen to have.

  4. Squirt a small amount of white paint onto a plate.

  5. Squirt a tiny amount of brown, black, and orange paint onto that same plate as well.

  6. Introduce the term "palette" when describing the plate with paint on it. This is your little artist's palette!

  7. Offer 3 cotton swabs for paint brushes.

Invite the child to create their snowman using these materials. Depending on the child, they may see the materials and already have guessed how to use them! If so, allow for creative freedom. If they'd like more guidance, show them the model photo of the little guy at the top of this post. If they'd still like a bit more guidance, show them the following 2 videos!

Did your little one enjoy this art project?

  • Yes! We want more like this!

  • This one wasn't for us.

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