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Spring Kid Jokes

These hilarious kid friendly spring jokes will get both you and your kids giggling your way into a Spring filled with laughter, play, and FUN! Use these jokes at your morning circle time, for lunchbox notes (like our New Lenox, Illinois Teaching Tote specialist Kristina does), or as a fun way to connect as a family at dinner!

If you love having a joke up your sleeve for any occasion, you've come to the right place! Here are some Spring jokes the Teaching Tote team came up with to get your little ones laughing:

Bird Jokes

What do birds get at the hospital? Medical TWEET-ment!

What do you call a chicken who tells jokes? A comedi-hen!

Why do birds fly north in the Spring? Because it's too far to walk!!

Knock, Knock

Who's there?

Owls go.

Owls go who?


Flower Jokes

What did the big flower say to the little flower? "Hey, bud!"

What did the dog do on his walk in the park? Peony this tree, peony that tree...

What do you call a flower with electricity? A power plant!

What is the gardener's favorite pickle? The daffo-DILL!

Bee Jokes

What did the bee in the sauna say to his friends? "Swarm in here!"

What do you call a bee that works for the government? A pollentician.

What do you call a bee who is having a bad hair day? A frisbee.

What is small, yellow and black, and drops things? A fumblebee.


A few more Spring jokes before you go!

What do you call a rainbow with neutral colors? A plain-bow.

Why were the kids washing the trampoline? They heard it was time for SPRING cleaning!

Does February like March? No, but April May!

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat? THUNDERWEAR!


We hope you enjoyed these Spring jokes for kids! Be sure to check back next month for a whole new batch of jokes and let us know your favorite in the comments!

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